5 Reasons Why You Should Ensure FedEx Is Integrated into Your E-commerce Shipping Software

5 Reasons Why You Should Ensure FedEx Is Integrated into Your E-commerce Shipping Software

E-commerce Shipping SoftwareWhen looking to automate your shipping processes, you’re likely going to choose one of the best multicarrier shipping solutions. The good thing about multicarrier shipping solutions is that they integrate multiple carriers around the world, allowing you to not only cut back on your shipping costs and ship worldwide but also ensure fast order processing and timely deliveries. One of the most popular carriers out there is FebEx. FedEx allows you to deliver all products, including time-sensitive items to more than 220 countries. Here are the reasons why you should choose FedEx to manage your shipping online:

  • FedEx comes with excellent live support to manage your shipping online optimally

The fact that FedEx ships to more than 220 countries mean they have customer service centers spread across those countries. If you want to ship to a customer in those countries and you need more information about the logistics involved, you can call them anytime, or chat with them online through their website (fedex.com).

  • FedEx allows you to manage your shipping online in a simple way

FexEx comes with free, intuitive online tools to efficiently manage your shipping online. It also lets you track your shipment in real time.

  • You can manage your shipping online with a piece of mind

The greatest challenge of shipping worldwide is dealing with customs clearance. FedEx has been shipping worldwide for many years, which means they know how to fast-track customs clearance processes to ensure the shipment reaches in time. You won’t worry about your product reaching any customer in another country in time.

  • FedEx comes with a money-back guarantee to help you to manage your shipping online efficiently

FedEx are so confident about their services that they offer a money-back guarantee. This means that if they fail to deliver your product according to your terms, they will reimburse you the cost of shipping.

  • They offer great packaging to ensure you manage your shipping online satisfactorily

The right packaging is critical to ensuring that products reach customers in their original condition. During shipping and delivery, anything can happen to the products. They can fall down and break, or they can be scratched. A sound packaging will prevent those. FedEx offers sound packaging in the form of boxes, envelopes, tubes and more to ensure safe delivery of products. These packaging materials are shipped to you for free. If you prefer to use your packaging, FedEx has their own lab to determine that it’s fit for shipping products.


FedEx is a well-known carrier worldwide, so you can’t go wrong with them. Therefore, if you’re thinking of implementing multicarrier shipping solution on your e-commerce website, ensure that FedEx is integrated.