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Ways in Which You Can Effectively Manage Your Shipping Online

On the outlook, an e-commerce website is rated based on the aesthetic value of its design and the technical features it harbors. However, behind the scenes, an e-commerce website is rated by the quality of shipping. And one aspect of shipping that customers look at when rating an e-commerce website’s shipping is product packaging. The condition of the delivered product will partly determine the quality of the shipping. That underlines the importance of managing your shipping online the right way. Here are tips on how to efficiently manage your shipping online:

To manage your shipping online the right way, know the product you are shipping

The first step to efficient shipping is to know the product you want to ship. And that includes understanding its specifications, such as weight, size, and other dimensions. Also, note other aspects of the product, such as whether it’s perishable, flammable, fragile or toxic. Sort the products according to those aspects. For more information on everything you need to get products to your customers, click here

dispatch your shipment.
Shipping Online

 Choose the packaging that will help you manage your shipping online

Once you’ve determined those details, choose a packaging material that perfectly fits the product. The packaging material should be strong enough to protect the product from damages in the course of shipping. The first thing you need to think about when the time comes to package the product is the outer packaging. The typical kinds of outer packaging materials are corrugated boxes. These are mainly hard cardboard boxes. They are suited to packaging things like pictures, books, tools and any other flat item. You can stick a lot of stuff in them. Plus, they are strong enough to protect your products in case of a fall. Non-delicate products can be packed in simple courier envelopes that don’t have any cushioning. 

Then there are fragile items like electronics, such as TVs, phones, laptops, tablets, and iPads, as well as medical supplies. For these, go for padded boxes. Padded boxes are excellent at absorbing shocks, which means even if the electronic falls down accidentally during delivery, it won’t be affected in any way.

Once you are done with the outer packaging, you should now focus on the inner packaging.  When it comes to inner packaging, it’s all about providing cushioning for the product, and most e-commerce business owners swear by the bubble wrap. It’s versatile and the best inner packaging material out there. However, it has one weakness; it’s not able to secure the product firmly to prevent movements during shipping. Therefore, it’s not ideal for items that need to stay in the same position to be safely delivered to the customer. So if you have products that have to stay in the same position without movement to be delivered safely to the customer, then it’s best to think about engineered foam. Engineered form offers impeccable cushioning, and it’s able to close down all gaps in the packing material.

However, while proper inner and outer packaging are crucial to delivering products safely to customers, you should also make sure that the packaging material is sealed properly. Duct tape is the best for sealing your packaging materials. However, if you’re sealing lightweight items, a pressure-resistant tape will go a long way.

Determine how you would like to ship your package to ensure that you manage your shipping online correctly

Once you have sorted out your packaging, you’ll need to figure out how to ship your package. This step involves picking your favorite carrier based on efficiency and price. It’s a good idea to use one of the best multi-carrier shipping solutions for your e-commerce website, as it allows you to get the best carrier with the most competitive shipping rates. Once you’ve figured that out, you can now dispatch your shipment.

Effectively Manage Your Shipping Online

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